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the girl who fucked up.
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1st-Aug-2010 11:10 pm - a változás szele
maxxie flying
úgy döntöttem, felrázom ezt a helyet, ide költöztetem az ajánlóimat a másik blogomból (közben bepótolom a mérhetetlen lemaradást), meg úgy eleve visszatelepszem ide.

nem tudom, olvassa-e valaki ezt a naplót... bár soha nincs is benne mit olvasni :D na mindegy, az a lényeg, hogy lenne pár kérdésem, mindenkihez, akinek van rá válasza (értsd: ha tagja vagy egy fandomnak, szánj meg, és válaszolj):

Mit kaptál a fandomtól (egytől vagy többtől)? Hogyan változott meg, ahogy viszonyulsz ehhez/ezekhez a fandom(ok)hoz?

én egy időben barátokat és kellemes időtöltést kaptam a Harry Potter fandomtól, de ezek az idők végérvényesen múlóban vannak. ezen kívül a korábbihoz képest sokkal magasabb szintű angoltudás is az enyém lett.

időközben az változott, hogy rövid periódusoktól eltekintve az utóbbi kb. 2-2ésfél évben nem voltam aktív - se fórumokon, se írásban, se fordításban. ez nem hiszem, hogy sokat fog változni, bár a régi nara most reneszánszát éli - Erised, kommentek meg minden.. még ismerkedtem is. de azt hiszem, ez ilyen utolsó "búcsúszereplés", mert szeretném tisztába tenni az életemet. októberben lezajlik a fic exchange, utána pedig nincs több titokban vájkálás elképzelt fitt pasik nemi életében. vagy ha mégis, az csak abszolút névtelenül (és passzívan - pushy_bottom XD) történhet. a mostani már túl publikus.

szerk: most nézem. egy éve is pedzettem ilyesmit. ez vagyok én.
1st-Sep-2009 09:48 pm - Drabble: Only One (original)
maxxie flying

Title: Only One
Author: me
Rating: G?  PG?
Warnings: none
Pairing: it's not HP, therefore no pairing
Genre: Romance
Length: about 100 words
Summary: Somewhat-songfic about him. You know -- the one.


Read more...Collapse )
maxxie flying
If you think you've seen Beauty, then just click the cut, becasue you were sorely mistaken.

The beautifulliest beast in the world. #1Collapse )

It's an Aston Martin DB9. (And ohmy, this pic was made here in Busapest!! *dies*) Actually, I can't really decide between him (yeah it's a him), and her:

Sex on wheels (by jennavere)Collapse )

Well, she's definitely a girl. Also an Aston, but a Vanquish S. Thanks for asking, I've not gone mad. Not yet, anyway. :)

And I've been seen turning after almost anything that's Honda. A cute pic of the S200:

We have standards. The first: less is more.Collapse )

And the newest of the Type-R series, a Civic (made for speed-fans who don't have acces to professional racing lines? lanes? Am lacking in vocabulary.):

An actually reachable dream. O.oCollapse )

Now you can't say I'm partial to any colour (although this last pic makes me wince - awful colours. plain awful.) Despite them being English and Japanese, theay look cute together, don't you think? Why won't I ever have all of them in my garage..?

Off to do some studying.
20th-Feb-2008 09:22 pm - Skins ep 2
maxxie flying
I'M FUCKING IN LOVE WITH SKETCH. That girl is such a beautiful, fucked-up, terrifying, mortal, geek, just-like-everyone-else, outstanding, queer, adorable, realREALR.E.A.L. person, that.. I can't even find the proper words! She's simply amazing. I want her for myself. ♥ ♥ ♥


And her name is Lucie *yay* ♥

14th-Feb-2008 08:56 pm - Fun meme
maxxie urban boy
1. Smoked. [x]
2. Consumed alcohol. [x]
3. Slept in the same bed with someone of the opposite sex. [x]
4. Slept in the same bed with someone of the same sex. [x]
5. Kissed someone of the same sex. []
6. Had sex. [x]
7. Had someone in your room other than family. [x]
8. Watched porn. [x]
9. Bought porn. []
10. Done drugs. []
TOTAL SO FAR: 7 (Erm.. does it count if I wanted to kiss that someone of the same sex? :S)

1. Taken painkillers. [x]
2. Taken someone else's prescription medicine. []
3. Lied to your parents. [x]
4. Lied to a friend. [x]
5. Been to rehab. []
6. Done something illegal. [x]
7. Cut yourself. []
8. Hurt someone. [x]
9. Been to a club. [x]
10. Seen someone die. [ ]

1. Missed curfew. [x]
2. Stayed out all night. [x]
3. Eaten a carton of ice cream by yourself. [x]
4. Been to a therapist. []
5. Snuck out of the house. [x]
6. Dyed your hair. []
7. Received a ticket. []
8. Been in an accident. [x]
9. Wished someone to die. [x]
10. Been to a bar. [x]

1. Been to a wild party. []
2. Been to a Mardi Gras parade. []
3. Drank more than four beers in a night. [x]
4. Had a spring break in Florida. []
5. Sniffed anything. []
6. Wore black nail polish. [x]
7. Wore arm bands. [x]
8. Wore t-shirts with band names. [x]
9. Listened to rap. [x]
10. Owned a 50 Cent CD. []

1. Dressed Gothic. []
2. Dressed prep.[]
3. Dressed punk. []
4. Dressed grunge. []
5. Stole something. [x]
6. Been too drunk to remember anything. [x]
7. Blacked out. [x]
8. Fainted. [x]
9. Had a crush on a neighbor. []

1. Snuck into someone else's room. [x]
2. Had a crush on your friend. [x] *coughs* still *coughs*
3. Been to a concert. [x]
4. Dry-humped someone. []
5. Been called a slut. [x]
6. Called someone a slut. [x]
7. Installed speakers in your car.[]
8. Broken a mirror. [x]
9. Showered at someone of the opposites sex's house. []
10. Brushed your teeth with someone else's toothbrush. [x] it was an accident!!

1. Consider/considered Ludacris your favorite rapper. []
2. Seen an R-rated movie in theater. [x]
3. Cruised the mall. []
4. Skipped school. [x]
5. Had surgery. []
6. Had an injury. [x]
7. Gone to court. []
8. Walked out of a restaurant without paying/tipping. [x]
9. Caught something on fire. []
10. Lied about your age. [x]

1. Owned/rented an apartment. []
2. Broke the law in the police's presence. [x]
3. Made out with someone who had a gf/bf. []
4. Got in trouble with the police. []
5. Talked to a stranger. [x]
6. Hugged a stranger. [x]
7. Kissed a stranger. []
8. Rode in the car with a stranger. []
9. Been harassed. []
10. Been verbally harassed. [x]

1. Met face-to-face with someone you met online. [x]
2. Stayed online for 5 hours straight. [x]
3. Talked on the phone for more than 4 hours straight. []
4. Watched TV for 5 hours straight. []
5. Been to a fair. [x]
6. Been called a bad influence. [x]
7. Drink and drive. []
8. Prank-called someone. []
9. Laid on a couch with someone of the opposite sex. [x]
10. Cheated on a test. [x]


-If You Have Less Then 10..write [I'm a Goody Goody.]
-If You Have More Than 10..write [I'm still a goody goody.]
-If You Have more Than 20..write [I'm average.]
-If You Have More Than 30..write [I'm a bad kid.]
-If You have more than 40..write [I'm a very bad kid.]
-If You Have more than 50..write [I'm a horrible person.]

Oh my.. I'm a horrible person! *laughs* And in the upcoming years, I can train to be even more horrible, yay!

Snagged from softly_sweetly.
14th-Feb-2008 08:18 pm - Gift fic
Um.. yeah. Last summer, I've read a funny little story in one of my friends' blog about two boys in an ice-cream parlour. One blond, one brunet. My mind was invaded by a little plotbunny that bothered me 'till I started to actually write it. I've finished it a few weeks ago. Go me.. But at least it's finished. So, here it is. Sorry, but in Hungarian... *sheepish grin*

Title: Fagylalt
Author: me
Rating: R
Warnings: none
Pairing: H/D
Genre: PWP, Romance
Summary: Hermione DOES mind when Harry takes Draco with him to a friendly meeting.

Read more...Collapse )
13th-Feb-2008 05:48 pm - Skins icons
maxxie flying
Oh. My. God. I made a bunch of Skins icons from the first episode of the second series. I'm pretty clueless with PS, but hey, everybody has to start somewhere. Tell me what you think?


Click here for the restCollapse )

Please credit naravna if you use them, comment if you like them. You can modify the textless icons, just let me know about it. Thanks.
11th-Feb-2008 01:17 pm - Woohoo?
maxxie flying
Hey there, lovelies!

It's time to make a list again! Since I'm at home and bored out of my mind, of course.

(01) My god, Skins. I'm in love with that show! First, Maxxie taking care of Tony is the cutest thing ever. Second, aww, poor Tony. But if you think about it, Tony is not the kind who gives up, so there is hope. Cass&Sid: They're so made for each other! I hope we soon get to see some Chris&Jal scenes, too. And Michelle. I've always had ambivalent feelings towards her, because she seems like your typical barbie-girl, but we also have seen some of her depth. However, she can't fucking deal with Tony's accident, and that's sad. I thought she could be stronger, but apparently not. And that Dale guy. Lol! Baking a 'Sory'-cake than mouthing 'fuck you' at Maxxie? Hilarious. And he and Maxxie looked absolutely hot. Maxxie dancing. Maxxie hugging Tony. Maxxie running. Maxxie making out. Maxxie. Although, I will have to watch the episode a few times again, because there are places I can't understand anything. A transcript would come in handy now, but here you go, girl from Hungary. I'm on my tiptoes till the next ep! Oh and do you remember the flashes and Maxxie on the stairs asking 'Who is there'? I'm so curious about Sketch. :D

(02) I'm home because I'm sick. Go me. Actually maybe I shouldn't have gone out Friday night with a fever. I have an excuse, though!

(03) ..Which is, I had to take the son of the friend of my mother's friend (funny connection..) with me, since he was bored out of his mind. And it was great! He's from Germany, a town called Ingolstadt (it's not that far from Munich), and I'm going to visit him in the spring. ^^ *is excited* We're the same age and we got on really well. We've gone dancing with a few friends and he said he had a good time. He even got me to speak German :D And he had the decency to not laugh at me. Much. Since I'm so good at speaking German... And after he repeated everything twice, I could also understand what he said. I like to think he has an accent and it's not my dumbness. So, I'm going to Germany. Any advices from those who live there? :D Btw, what's this thing with German people and ICQ?

(04) The second round of that English competition was on Thursday. I don't think I'll get into the third, but at least I didn't do that poorly.

(05) I've gotten drunk on Wednesday. It was a first for me, and I think also the last. Bloody champagne. And I was with HIM. No comment.

I'm sure I've left something out, so when I remember it, I'm going to edit the post. Anything to cheer up my sick self?

Take care,
4th-Feb-2008 07:39 pm - Layout, randomness. Like always.
maxxie flying
Hey, people out there in the real world!

It's time to post some news about me. It has at least one advantage: I organize the things I've done and those I still have to do.

(01) Yayz, shiny new layout and profile page! naravna I'll have to change the text, though...

(02) I go skating once a week, yay! Okay, so I've only been three times, but still. It does wonders for me. And I feel like I'm improving!

(03) HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Skins. Maxxie. Tony. And we only got to see the first six minutes?! More about this when I actually SAW the first episode.

(04) I've finished another dreaded classic, Bond by Anna Fugazzi. It was a bit strange in the beginning (you could actually see that it was one of her first fics), but the flaws disappeared after a few chapters and I got charmed. I always have to remind myself that classics didn't accidentally got their title.

(05) That national competition I mentioned earlier is on Thursday. I'll be a nervous wreck till then. God help me.

(06) I NEED knew icons. I've uploaded some of my own (Maxxie..), but I need others that are a bit more subdued on the color side. Help me out?

Um.. that's all the randomness I could come up with. Have a nice day/night! :)
Take care,
14th-Jan-2008 09:16 pm - B-day
maxxie flying
Well... happy birthday to me, I suppose. It was a great day, with well-wishes and small, but meaningful presents. Double-good, because yesterday was dreadful. Thanks for the sweet stormbird85 for mentioning it! :) I got rechargeable accus ('cause I always lose them) and an etymology dictionary (it hasn't arrived yet, though) and limitless illegal driving lessons from my sister that I'm going to shamelessly use. Aren't my family and friends great? :D Then comes the party on Saturday. I can hardly wait for it! Oh, by the way. I think I'm falling in love a little with every passing day. If it's not that, it's some kind of strange addiction towards him. Either way, it's no good. At all. Not to self: look up the word 'deadline' in dictionary. It would do me good to actually learn something about meeting deadlines. End of randomness, in bed with me.
Good night and love all,
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